Where is the fun?

Are you a person that thinks “Finding the Fun at an Art Gallery” is an Oxymoron? 

Would you rather scrape paint off of siding rather than spend an hour in an art muesum? 

I completely understand because I would not want to give up my comfortable seat in front of my favorite TV show to venture into an art galleries unless I had my own watercolor paintings hanging on the wall.  As much as I love to see the variety of artwork, I feel intimidated  by the gaze of a gallery attendent who knows I probably could not purchase anything other than a note card.  

Why Try?

I feel bad that I am reluctant to go to galleries because as an artist, I am more interested in showing my watercolor paintings than selling them.  I don’t make art to be hidden away, I make art to unleash childlike wonder, stimulate curiousity, trigger a memory or spark joy in the Beholder.  So how do I convince you that visiting an art gallery is worth moving past your fears and finding the fun.

  1. Cheap source of entertainment: Generally art galleries are free.  You can see thousands of dollars worth of artwork for nothing. 
  2. Be the first to discover a famous artist:  You never know, maybe today’s art will be famous and you can claim you saw it back at the beginning.
  3. Quiet place for meditation:  Having a hard time finding a quiet place, galleries often have soft music in the background and the artwork can shift you mind from the objective to the subjective quickly
  4. Stimulate Creativity:  The art Beholder is a co-creator with the artist.  The Beholder brings their past into the interpretation of the artwork and creates their own story, this helps boost creativity in general.
  5. Emotional knowledge: You can learn a lot about yourself by checking how you are emotionally transformed by different types of art.
  6. Support Small Business:  Even you never buy anything at a gallery, it is likely you will share your experience with others who may in turn visit and purchase something.

Are You Convinced?

I am so glad you have decided visiting an art gallery might be a good idea.  Now how can you start finding the fun?  Stay tuned, I will will tackle that in my next blog (in about a week).  

I would love to hear from you, please provide your comments on “Why should I visit an Art Gallery” below.  





2 thoughts on “Finding the Fun at an Art Gallery (Part 1 )

    • As I said in the blog, I don’t mind going to art galleries when my paintings are hung in place and I know you have two in the exhibit. The Miller Art Museum is a beautiful gallery worthy of a visit just for the architecture, enjoy.

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