Art Gallery Wall
Art Gallery Wall

Art Gallery Planning

It is early fall and I have already planned my vacation for February of 2022.  As soon as I purchased the ticket, my vacation began. I began purchasing new clothes, dieting, exercising (very limited) with the goal of making my vacation as enjoyable as possible.  Anticipating a vacation in the winter provides a goal helping me endure the long, cold winter months. 

I relate planning a vacation to preparation for finding the fun at an Art Gallery, because once you have decided to make the trip, the antipation will provide an opportunity to escape the routine of daily life.  You may look up the gallery show and artists on their websites, check out gallery hours, invite people to join you or set aside time just for yourself.  Your Art Gallery experience begins when you decide to make the journey.

Pre-Flight Preparation

Before you get in your car to go to the Art Gallery you may want to take a moment to think about what you would like to get out the experience.  What does “Finding the Fun”  look like for you. I have listed some ideas to help with your preparation:

  • Open Your Mind: You are venturing into a world of someone else’s imagination, a momentary climpse of their unigue world.  Give the analytical side of your mind a break for a little while and just experience the art without judgement.
  • Find Your Favorite Colors:  If there is a lot of artwork to explore, perhaps limit your concentration to works with your favorite colors, see how they make you feel or do they trigger memories.
  • Don’t Worry About Your Art Education:  You don’t have to know if the art work is an abstract, oil, watercolor, representational, non-representational, impressionistic, cubist, surreal or any other art terminology.  It isn’t important, just go, look and feel.  You don’t have to figure art out and you don’t have to like it. 
  • Let’s Children Talk:  One of the best ways to experience art is with younger children because they don’t have a filter.  Their curiosity and freedom from outside pressures will help release your own childlike curiosity.
  • Find Your Favorite and Least Favorite: Identify what you like and figure out why.
  • Tell a Story:  Create your own story about a painting and share it.
  • How Does it Make You Feel:  Check with yourself and find out how you feel about the art work and share your thoughts with others.
  • Which Would You Want To Own: If money and space were not object which piece  would like to own?

Opening the Door

One of my favorite experiences when going on a vacation is walking through the door of the airport into my new surroundings.  Feeling the difference in the temperature, the air, the sounds around me and knowing that I’m not in Kansas anymore (although I have gone to Kansas). 

When you step through the Art Gallery door, leave the mental noise of the world behind.  Leave your judgements at the door.  Be prepared for unleashing your childlike sense of wonder and start “Finding the Fun”






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