Bee Balm, Prairie Flower Symbolizing Healing


Bee Balm, a prairie flower.

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A few years ago my son’s family decided to be stewards of a farm in need of revitalization. One of their first challenges was to rescue the soil by planting a prairie meadow. That choice would require a lot of their time, hard work, money, and patience.  Thankfully after about three years the prairie was thriving, blessing the family with a continuous display of flowers, insects, birds, and animals.  During a walk through paths in the prairie I captured a reference photo of the Bee Balm.  In terms of flower meanings, Bee Balm symbolized healing.

The watercolor painting is 5 x 7 inches.  The original is matted in a 11 x 14 in mat and shipped flat.

PRINTS Available upon request.


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