An original tiny watercolor painting of a wren.

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Wrens were always my dad’s favorite bird. He made many wren houses and attached it to the house or trees nearby.  This little wren liked the gourd house my husband made and it was on the corner of our front patio.  It would scold us sometimes when we sat too close, but it had little time to worry about what we were doing with all those mouths to feed.  Getting close enough to this busy, little bird required the use of an outdoor camera.  Once the camera was in place, I had plenty of images to choose from.  I hope this little bird brings you as much joy as it did to me.

The Tiny Wonder paintings are original watercolors, painted inside a two inch square embossed surface and mounted in a four inch square frame.  There is a hanger on the back for wall hanging or a peg for setting the frame on a desk.  These Tiny Wonders are created to provide a shot of joy to the Beholder.

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