“Remembering the lovely things, we have forgotten is one of the reasons for all art.”  Madelein L’Engle


Transform Your Treasured Fishing Memories into Art

Do you have cherished fishing memories, photos of your catches, and family moments by the water? Simplify and preserve those memories with custom watercolor paintings.

What I Offer:

  • Memories Captured: Transform your beloved fishing gear, photos of your fish, and family moments into beautiful watercolor art.
  • Simple Downsizing: Keep the essence of your treasured items and memories without the clutter.
  • Unique Celebrations: Celebrate special moments with personalized art pieces that tell your story.

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A fly rod and reel with orange line and an orange butterfly on the handle

How to Transform Fishing Memories into Art.

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Logo for Lineworkers with fly line and fly

Art Supports Fly Fishing Education

As an avid fly fisher, my mission is to cultivate the next generation of fly fishers. To achieve this, I have established a group called the Lineworkers.

In collaboration with the Deer Creek Sports and Conservation Club, we will develop educational programs that align with the standards of Fly Fishers International. These programs aim to teach young people the art and skills of fly fishing.

To support this initiative, a portion of my art sales will be donated to the Lineworkers program. Your purchase not only brings home a beautiful piece of art but also helps foster a new generation of fly fishers.