“Remembering the lovely things we have forgotten is one of the reasons for all art.” 

Madelein L’Engle

Unleash Your Childlike Sense of Wonder

Remember when you were a child and the first, bright, yellow dandelion appeared on the lawn?  Your first instinct was to pick it, place the soft petals against your skin, feel the milky ooze from the stem, and run into the house to show your mother.  Or maybe that is too far back to remember, than perhaps watching your own child on their path to discovery brought you an equal amount of joy.

  • Have you lost your childlike sense of wonder?
  • Have you “grown up” and surpressed your natural curiosity? 
  • Is your life so full of obligations and you have no time to sit down and watch an ant carrying his prize back to mound?

It isn’t your fault, our minds are wired for eficiency.  Your mind tells you that you have “smelled the roses” once and retained that memory so there is no need to spend time repeating that task, move on to something more important.  

All is not lost

Join the quest for the unusual, overlooked or common and see them from a different perspective unleashing your childhood sense of wonder and asking “What is that?”.   Allow my watercolor paintings to stimulate your curiosty and bring you joy. 

An original watercolor painting of a tray of cinnamon buns ready for icing.

Join the quest for your childlike sense of wonder and receive a printable reproduction of  “Ready for Icing” .