“Remembering the lovely things we have forgotten is one of the reasons for all art.” 

Madelein L’Engle

Comfort and Beauty

A beautiful piece of art can nourish your soul just as comfort food nourishes your body.  Perception of beauty is not always extended to ordinary objects, but it is the ordinary that provides comfort.  Watercolor paintings of ordinary objects provides unexpected comfort and beauty our souls crave.

Purple Thistle with Bee

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Creative Workbenches

I am creating a new series of watercolor color paintings providing never-before-seen look at the workbenches of creatives.  I define creatives as imaginative problems solvers. I include engine repairman, jewelers, fly tiers, woodworkers, plumbers, cooks, bakers and yarn spinners and more.  It is my mission to share their stories in my watercolors paintings.  To find out more information click on the blog link below.

Creative Workbench Blog

A bottle, cables and plastic mixing container
Mixing Containers
Embroidery floss

Katherine Ford in her studio with a watercolor painting of yarn skeins

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.  Confucius

An Extra on the World Stage

The world is full of wonderful people, created for their specific purpose and perfectly designed which is beautiful to behold but often hidden away among the crowds.  I would fall in that category, I would be a perfectly wonderful extra in a film, but never the star performer.  The extra role is no less important, but it would take a long time to find me when checking the movie credits.

I was also an alto in the chorus (not too many solo performances for altos), a French horn player in the band (many after beats, few solos), and assistant to the veterinarian not the vet.  I was well suited for these roles and performed them perfectly, but probably not roles of notoriety.  

My search for unexpected comfort and beauty in the ordinary is to find the single blade of grass in an ocean of green.  To redefine the beauty of the perfectly adapted and  consistent performance of the overlooked.  In seeking the beauty of the ordinary, I hope to remind myself that beauty is not defined by how I look or how I perform but how I love and support the people around me.  Confucius understood, do you?