Remembering the lovely things we have forgotten is one of the reasons for all art.

Madelein L’Engle

Comfort and Beauty

Have you found that the world is getting more chaotic?  Are you striving to create a home that has both comfort and beauty?

As an art lover you know a beautiful piece of art can comfort your soul just as comfort food nourishes your body.  The perception of beauty is not always extended to ordinary objects, but it is the ordinary that provides comfort.  Watercolor paintings of ordinary objects provide unexpected  comfort and beauty your soul craves.


Purple Thistle with Bee

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Unexpected Beauty in the Ordinary

You may wonder how something ordinary can be considered beautiful.  I seek out the ordinary in life using my camera or a macro lens. Often I uncover details or objects that surprise me and I feel it is my mission to create watercolors that expose their unexpected beauty.

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