I have been working on a series of paintings I call my Creative Workbench Series.  I have done a Jewelers bench, a chaotic innovator’s bench, and a fly tying bench and now I am working on a small engine bench.  Technically this isn’t a bench, but it is a collection of items used to work on small engines, so it is an acceptable alternative to a bench. Identifying the Problem I thought I had made pretty good progress on my Small Engine watercolor painting until my husband looked over my shoulder and said, “It looks great but your plastic box is out of perspective”.  Well, when did he get to be an expert, I just ran him off and told him it looked great.   The next morning I had a message from my mentor saying she loved the progress on the painting but the plastic box looks a little out of perspective.   Apparently my plastic box is out of perspective,  which left me with a choice:  To Fix, change the plastic box perspective. Not to Fix, leave it alone. If I painted with oil or acrylics, no problem, I would just paint over the offending wonky plastic box and fix